Preventative Maintenance & Infrared Scans

Critical Peake Electrical Services offers electrical preventative maintenance services, supported by a team of electricians with significant experience in both commercial and residential settings. Our expertise extends to various properties, including multi-unit housing, government buildings, retail outlets, auto dealerships, hotels, and corporate offices. This allows us to provide tailored maintenance solutions that ensure efficient and reliable operation of electrical systems across different needs.

Our focus is on delivering cost-effective maintenance while maintaining quality and compliance with all applicable electrical standards and codes. By adopting a preventative maintenance strategy, we aim to enhance the safety and performance of electrical installations, contributing to the overall value and functionality of your property through dependable and adaptable electrical care.

Strengthen Your Electrical System with Preventative Maintenance

Critical Peake Electrical Services focuses on maintaining the safety and performance of your electrical installations. Our electricians, skilled and ready to assist 24/7, provide maintenance tailored to prevent future electrical problems. Discuss a preventative maintenance schedule with us that matches your needs.

Tailored Electrical Preventative Maintenance Across Various Industries

Critical Peake Electrical Services specializes in providing electrical preventative maintenance services tailored to the unique needs of diverse facilities. Our team of professionals is committed to ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and scalability of your electrical systems, prioritizing safety and compliance with all relevant codes. We serve a broad spectrum of clients, including:

Our Preventative Maintenance Includes:

Power quality assessments and corrective actions, like arc flash hazard analysis, for optimal facility operation.

Assessing and upgrading electrical panels and meter stacks for commercial buildings and multi-family properties to handle current electrical loads and future needs. 

Monitoring services for electrical current and load, providing early warnings to prevent overloads.

Addressing issues like flickering lights, buzzing, arching, or smoke smells that indicate dangerous overloading and potential circuit breaker failures.

Why Choose Critical Peake Electrical Services for Your Electrical Preventative Maintenance?

Critical Peake Electrical Services excels in providing superior electrical preventative maintenance services, designed to support and enhance the reliability of your electrical systems. Here’s why selecting us will advance your electrical maintenance strategy:

24/7 emergency support

To quickly address any electrical issues.


For immediate maintenance requirements


To start your maintenance plan with assurance

Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

For guaranteed safety and dependability


In a wide range of electrical maintenance services

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

In electrical services

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

With every electrical project.

Sustainable & Safe Practices

Implementing eco-conscious practices in electrical maintenance

Critical Peake: Specialists in Electrical Preventative Maintenance & Infrared Scans

Maintain the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems with Critical Peake's preventative maintenance services. Offering cost-effective and compliant solutions, we prioritize the longevity and reliability of your electrical infrastructure. Contact us to discuss preventative maintenance for your electrical systems across various facilities including multi-unit housing, government properties, retail outlets, auto dealerships, hotels, and corporate offices.

Preventative Maintenance & Infrared Scans