Critical Peake Electrical Services provides specialized multi-family electrical services, thanks to our skilled electricians with experience in both commercial and residential settings. We prioritize attention to detail and care in every project to ensure efficient and effective results, reflecting our dedication to the community and its diverse needs in both residential and commercial spaces.

Complete Electrical Services for Multi-Family Properties

Critical Peake Electrical Services specializes in addressing all electrical needs for multi-family properties. From confirming functionality and safety to optimizing efficiency, our services cover everything your multi-family property requires.

Our offerings include top-tier electrical services such as state-of-the-art home electrical maintenance, preventative maintenance, tenant fit-outs and beyond. Trust our skilled electricians to enhance the potential of your multi-family properties.

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Improve your multi-tenant properties' electrical systems with Critical Peake Electrical Services' expertise.

Our Multi-Family Electrical Services

Make the most of your multi-family properties with Critical Peake Electrical Services’ expert electrical solutions. From tailored installations to prompt support, our committed team delivers dependable and precise electrical services, crafted to fit your unique needs.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

Critical Peake Electrical Services stands ready to deliver uninterrupted electrical services for multi-family properties through our round-the-clock emergency assistance. Whether it's day or night, our expert team is committed to quickly addressing any electrical issues to ensure the safety and convenience of residents. It is our mission to work timelessly to minimize downtime.

Electrical Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

At Critical Peake Electrical Services, we provide a variety of electrical services tailored for multi-family properties. From initial installation to ongoing maintenance and repair, our skilled technicians guarantee the reliability and efficiency of your electrical systems, ensuring uninterrupted operation for your property.

Camera Access Control & Security

Enhance the security of your property with Critical Peake Electrical Services' advanced electrical solutions. Our expertise extends to the installation of cutting-edge camera, access control, and security systems, offering peace of mind and protection for both residents and property assets.

Tenant Fit-Outs

Critical Peake Electrical Services caters to the unique electrical needs of multi-family properties, including new tenant fit-outs and renovations. Our tailored solutions ensure that every unit meets residents' electrical requirements, providing a comfortable and functional living environment.

Power Supply, UPS, Generator Installs

Rely on Critical Peake Electrical Services for dependable power supply solutions tailored for multi-family properties. Our specialization in UPS and generator installations ensures continuous electrical services, even during power outages, guaranteeing uninterrupted comfort and convenience for residents.

EV Car Charging Stations

Armed with cutting-edge technologies and adaptable solutions, Critical Peake Electrical Services empowers property owners to embrace sustainable transportation with EV charging while enhancing the value and appeal of multi-family communities.

Our Commitment to Expert Electrical Services in the DMV

Catering to Maryland, DC, and Virginia, including vibrant cities like Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington, DC, Critical Peake Electrical Services delivers unbeatable electrical solutions. We have also completed projects throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. With a dedicated focus on the region, we provide prompt and reliable service to meet the diverse needs of our clients across these dynamic metropolitan areas.

Why Choose Critical Peake Electrical Services?

Here at Critical Peake Electrical Services, we work on a wide variety of electrical projects. Here’s what you can expect when choosing Critical Peake Electrical Services for your multi-family electrical service needs:


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Over 100 Years of Electrical Service Experience


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